“Energy-Generation/Energy-Storage”-Type Energy Management System Wins Japan Electrical Construction Association Renewable Energy Promotion Award in JECA Fair 2012 Product Contest

Nichicon Corporation’s “energy-generation/energy-storage”-type energy management system won the Japan Electrical Construction Association Renewable Energy Promotion Award in the Product Contest at JECA Fair 2012 (held May 30 to June 1 in Osaka).

Held every year in conjunction with the JECA (Japan Electrical Construction Association) Fair, the Product Contest aims to improve the materials used in electrical construction equipment, raise the technological level of electrical construction equipment, advance companies in the industry, and ultimately improve the lives of the general public. Sponsored by the Japan Electrical Construction Association, the contest had its 51st edition this year and saw participation by 38 companies.

Nichicon won the Renewable Energy Promotion Award for its “energy-generation/energy-storage”-type energy management system. This system stores electricity from sources like solar power and hydro power and can run independent of the power grid. It can also be used for rapid charging of EVs. It has been installed in the public relations facilities (called the ‘Solar power facility in Yamanashi Prefecture Public Relations’) of Komekurayama Mega-solar Power Plant in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. Using Nichicon’s proprietary technologies, the system can run independent of the power grid. It is made up of a DC-DC converter, which sends electricity generated by solar power, hydro power, and fuel cells to a storage unit; an AC-DC converter, which sends electricity generated by a back-up commercial power source to the storage unit; a storage unit consisting of a large-capacity lithium-ion battery and an electric double layer capacitor; and a quick charger for EVs. This system is capable of hastening the spread of renewable energy throughout society.

This is the second consecutive JECA Fair honor for Nichicon. At last year’s contest (called the ECEMF Product Contest at that time), Nichicon received the Minister of the Environment Award for its low-voltage EV charging station utilizing solar power generation and storage functions. This second straight award has spurred the company to take its technology even further and do everything possible to bring the world products that contribute to the spread of renewable energy.


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