Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions Announces The Updated Midwest Microwave Catalog.

Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions, a business of Emerson (NYSE:EMR) and a global leader in protecting and optimizing critical infrastructure, announces the announces the new Midwest Microwave catalog highlighting passive microwave components for military, space and testing applications.

The newest catalog from Emerson Connectivity Solutions features our most current product offerings along with an updated list of our Qualified Parts Listing (QPL) of Attenuators, Terminations and SMA Connectors. These parts are manufactured to meet or exceed the performance specifications set forth in the MIL Specification as a minimum standard of performance. We similarly have a product listing for Space Qualified Parts of Attenuators and Terminations.

Also contained within this latest release is an updated list of approved Defense Logistics Agency (DLA - Formerly DESC) specification products. This list includes SMA, SSMA and BMA Connectors, also Precision Adapters. The Midwest Microwave product line has continuously been an approved supplier of both the DLA and QPL component listings.

Emerson Connectivity Solutions has a wide range of cable assemblies and connectors suited for RF, Microwave and Fiber Optic signal transmission. Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions is a vertically integrated supplier of custom, fixed and semi-rigid cable assemblies from DC to 50 GHz. Our product lines deliver custom-engineered products and solutions to satisfy the most demanding and complex requirements for wireless communications, military, telephony and data networks and industrial applications.


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