Elastimold® Recloser Offers Modular, Lightweight, Intelligent Foundation for Smart Grid

Building a solid foundation for a truly “Smart Grid” just got easier with the launch of the new Elastimold® Recloser from Thomas & Betts. Developed with extensive customer input, the Elastimold® Recloser incorporates extra features and extended capabilities that set a new standard of performance.

“We listened to our customers and delivered what they wanted–a highly intelligent, easy to integrate, low-maintenance automated recloser,” said Sergio Arellano, Elastimold® product line manager for Thomas & Betts.

Benefits of the Elastimold® Recloser include:

Light weight–Simple compact design, with less than one half the components of typical reclosers and insulated with a light weight silicon polymer. This reduces weight per unit by more than one third, making the Elastimold® Recloser easier to handle and install.

Greater versatility–Optimized, modular design facilitates the integration of additional sensing devices, eliminating the guesswork in long-term planning for utilities. The single-phase recloser also offers an exclusive rotating mounting bracket for fast and easy repositioning.

Intelligent design–Elastimold® Reclosers come with integral current transformer and load-side voltage sensors included and are fully compatible with Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) controls.

Available in one- or three-phase configurations, the Elastimold® Recloser includes an integrated pole-mounting bracket and a 360-degree open/closed position indicator. Its magnetic actuator design

Provides a long and maintenance-free service life. The Elastimold® Recloser has a standard 150 kV BIL rating, is available in 15 kV, 27 kV and 38 kV configurations, and is supported by Thomas & Betts’ full complement of technical, training and customer-service professionals.


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