Ecliptek Introduces Quick Turn Low Voltage Current Mode Logic (CML) MEMS Oscillators in Miniature SMD Packages

As design engineer requirements for smaller oscillators with reduced voltages continue to increase, Ecliptek has responded with the introduction of six new current mode logic (CML) ECCML oscillator series. Now available in a 3.2mm x 5.0mm or 5.0mm x 7.0mm package, these new Ecliptek MEMS products are available with minimal lead times measured in days.

    Ecliptek's latest 5.0mm x 7.0mm series, the EMML11 (1.8V), EMML12 (2.5V) and EMML13 (3.3V) offer identical capabilities as the smaller 3.2mm x 5.0mm EMML21(1.8V), EMML22 (2.5V) and EMML23 (3.3V) devices. Introduced with an inclusive frequency range of 1.000MHz to 220.000MHz and combined with ±20ppm, ±25ppm ±50ppm or ±100ppm frequency stability, these new Ecliptek MEMS oscillators reduce lead times while increasing design flexibility.

    "Ecliptek CML oscillators provide several important design features to our customers, including reduced power consumption, high-speed rise and fall times, 1.8V supply voltage support and low voltage differential logic output swing," said Thomas Culhane, Vice President of Engineering of Ecliptek Corporation. "The oscillator output utilizes an NMOS open-drain differential pair that allows the end user to configure their output termination so as to optimize circuit load matching and signal performance."

    Ecliptek's new EMML oscillator series are ideal for clock distribution and system reference circuit applications. End products utilizing these quick turn CML oscillators include Gigabit Ethernet, Fiber Channel and PCI Express. These new Ecliptek products reduce input voltage requirements while providing superior jitter performance and improved frequency stability through the use of the MEMS resonator.


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