Eaton Releases Paper on Role of Clutches in Dampening Harmful Torsional Vibrations

Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation has published a new technical paper on how contemporary mechanical clutches can protect high-value drivetrain components from harmful torsional vibrations in commercial trucks. The one-page, two-sided, color document (item number CLWP0001) is available at the online site for all sales and service support for Eaton’s commercial vehicle operations in North America.

Titled “The Role of Mechanical Clutches in Dampening Torsional Vibrations,” the piece describes how modern damper technology has evolved over the years to effectively reduce driveline resonance that is created naturally in any internal combustion engine. It also points out how modern dampers have been adapted to work especially well with today’s high-torque, low-speed engines, which increase the amount of vibration in the drivetrain.

Prashant Kulkarni, engineering manager – Clutch Division, Eaton Corporation, authored the paper and notes, “The damper is the most critical part of a clutch. If you design the stiffness of the damper appropriately, it will positively impact the entire driveline.”

The paper includes information on how breadth of product, selecting the correct amount of friction material and the number of springs all factor into the success of a modern heavy-duty clutch. Kulkarni also presents an informative overview on how clutches have evolved over the years.

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