Eaton Launches XEffect Series Circuit Breakers

Eaton's Electrical Sector is expanding its product range with the launch of the xEffect series. The first products to be released are a digital combined RCD/MCB (RCBO) device and a digital residual current circuit-breaker (RCCB) with type B+ tripping characteristics.

The Digital RCBO is suited for use in large residential and commercial building applications. Thunderstorms or temporary faults do not affect the digital circuit-breaker due to its type G short-time delay and optimized tripping threshold. The digital RCBO device permanently monitors the actual state, registers possible faults and indicates this on three LEDs. If an earth fault in the installation moves to ground in the range between zero and 30 percent of the rated residual current, a green LED indicates the normal state. A yellow LED indicates a differential current between 30 and 50 percent of the rated residual current and thus shows that the RCBO device is approaching its tripping threshold. If the LED is red, the leakage current has already exceeded 50 percent of the rated residual current. The installation is thus in a critical state – the digital RCBO device trips if the residual current increases any further and the tripping limit is reached.

A major feature of these products is the Service mode which helps electricians to determine the level of earth leakage current present (in milliamps) in the installation. If the electrician presses the Service button, the flashing LEDs will signal the actual earth leakage current level. This feature enables action to be taken quickly in order to maintain system availability. The circuit-breaker combines the most advanced safety features in an extremely compact design.

The digital RCCB also shows the actual earth leakage current present in real-time – the three LEDs and auxiliary contacts are used for external indication. It detects and reliably disconnects all types of residual current, as well as DC residual currents and residual currents in the high frequency range. The digital residual current circuit-breaker thus meets all the requirements for increased fire protection in accordance with EN/IEC 62423, as well as the residual current circuit-breaker product standard IEC 61008.

The xEffect RCCB with the type B+ tripping characteristics is therefore particularly suited for use with industrial systems using frequency inverters and it can also be used with sophisticated PV installations, as well as in all sectors involving a high proportion of electronics, i.e. where there is the probability of DC residual currents occurring.

Both the digital RCBO device and the type B+ digital RCCB are fitted on DIN rails (clamp and screw terminals) and when installed are protected to IP 40.


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