Easily Configurable Transducer for Potentiometer

Phoenix Contact’s MINI Analog transducer for potentiometers can convert and isolate an analog signal from the 0 to 100 kOhm range.

If the application does not require use of the potentiometer’s full range, a slide/push button on top of the module can easily define the bottom and top limits. Using this easy-to access button, the user can maximize the resolution of the analog output signal.

The module also features diagnostic LED indication of a line break and over/under range situations. It is available with either a spring or screw connection.

Like other products in the MINI Analog product line, the transducer features three-way 1.5 kV isolation, lower power consumption and high-quality signal conversion for common current and voltage analog signals.

The MINI Analog family has a 6.2 mm thin housing and T-bus power bussing capabilities that save space and drastically reduce installation time.  The hot-swappable signal conditioning slices simply clip onto the powering T-Bus connector without the need to remove bus bars or bridging. Optional quick cabling solutions are also available to interface the MINI Analog modules to controllers, greatly reducing installation time.


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