E-T-A’s ESX10-T with ATEX, 94/9/EC Approval For Installation into Designs in Hazardous Locations

E-T-A Circuit Breakers is pleased to announce the ESX10-T Electronic Circuit Protector now with ATEX, 94/9/EC certificate of conformity. The ATEX approval will cover both the: ESX10-TA & TB 24 VDC versions, the new ESX10-TC, 12 VDC versions, and the flexible ESX10 pluggable version of this product offering.  This approval is classified and labeled as II 3G Ex nA IIB T4 Gc X, electronic circuit protector.  This new version the ESX10 will supersede the standard version in the US market, and will have a suffix designator of –E to identify it as an ATEX certified product.  Each product will be individually packaged to include an Installation Guide and technical references in compliance with ATEX requirements.

This compact device combines purely electronic trip characteristics and active current limitation to allow selective disconnection of loads connected to 24VDC power supplies. Selective load protection prevents complete shutdown of the system by quickly disconnecting the faulty path when an overload or short circuit occurs.  Active current limitation allows the ESX10-T to respond much faster to overload or short-circuit conditions than the power supply. It limits the highest possible current to 1.3 to 1.8 times the rated capacity and is capable of switching on capacitive loads up to 20,000 µF - with disconnection only in the event of an overload or short circuit. Conventional protective elements cannot manage this as they either respond too slowly or are susceptible to nuisance tripping due to inrush currents.

Upon detection of an overload or short circuit in the load circuit, the power-MOSFET switching output of the ESX10-T interrupts the current flow at 1.1 times rated current after 3 seconds. Failure and status indication are provided by a multicolor LED and status output signal.


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