Dual Face Sloping-Front Enclosures Range Extended

OKW have extended the ‘UNITEC’ range of sloping front desktop enclosures with the new size ‘S’ series which is available in 12 different models.

These highly attractive enclosures have dual operating faces for face-to-face applications, for example a doctor with a patient, or a sales person with a customer.

The two inclined operating panels are mounted at right angles to each other which allows simultaneous input of data on one side, and readout on the other.

The ‘UNITEC' plastic enclosures are molded in off-white ABS (UL 94 HB) and consist of a top part, rear-facing front part and base panel. The case parts interlock and are secured by just two self-tapping screws.

The new size ‘S’ models have external dimensions of 4.921” x 6.969” x 2.717”, offering a more compact solution to the existing size ‘M’ models which measure 5.826” x 8.267” x 3.149”.

Both sizes can be specified with a battery compartment for 3 or 5 1.5V AA battery cells. The battery compartment has a clip-on lid which can be screw fixed for added security.

Uniquely, the ‘UNITEC’ cases are available with optional recess depths on the operating faces of 0.023” for graphic labels or 0.055” for membrane keypads.

These instrument enclosures can be used for desktop or wall mounted applications. A simple to use wall-suspension element is available as an accessory, which allows the case to be mounted in different orientations. Prices start at $33.

OKW can supply the ‘UNITEC’ enclosures with additional holes for the push-buttons, connectors and displays, plus silk-screen printed legends and logos, and RFI/EMI shielding. The result is custom enclosures fully ready for mounting the electronics directly.


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