Datapaq® Introduces Q18 Radio Telemetry System

Datapaq introduces a radio telemetry system that provides live temperature data transmission from inside industrial heating or cooling processes in all kinds of industries; from batch cooking/ freezing in the food processing industry, to vacuum furnace surveying in the aerospace industry, to long duration firing processes in the ceramics industry with extremely high temperatures. Designed for use with the Datapaq Q18 line of data loggers, the system is comprised of transmitters for installation inside the data logger, primary and secondary receivers, and Datapaq Insight™ analysis software.

Q18 data loggers measure temperatures between -200 °C (-328 °F) and 1,370 °C (2,498 °F). These versatile units combine fast readings, a superb ±0.5 ºC (±0.9 ºF) accuracy, and a high resolution of 0.1°C (±0.18 ºF). A large internal memory allows for the logging of up to 50,000 readings per channel ensuring no data is ever lost.

With six different logger sizes and channel configurations of six, ten, or twelve, the Q18 series enables optimum solutions for every need. The telemetry system utilizes the latest radio-frequency technology for real-time transmission of product and process temperature data. Up to six dataloggers can simultaneously connect to one receiver providing the ability to measure from up to 72 thermocouples. The system enables continuous temperature monitoring and analysis.

Process parameters can be adjusted almost instantaneously to ensure high product quality, reduce scrap, and save energy. The number and position of the receivers can be easily optimized to ensure best data reception from within the harshest of industrial environments. Automatic frequency selection, multiple data transmission, and transmitter internal temperature compensation eliminate interference problems and ensure data integrity. The radio telemetry system operates on license-exempt frequencies and is fully tested and approved for use in Europe and the USA.


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