Crydom Announces the "LifePlus Series" of Pluggable AC & DC Output All Solid State Relays

Crydom's new LifePlus ED series of AC and DC output pluggable Solid State Relays offer Electromechanical Relay users the opportunity to directly replace traditional 12 x 29 mm EMRs with Crydom's proven Solid State Relay Technology. Solid State Relays offer substantial performance advantages over traditional EMR switching solutions in many applications including significantly greater life expectancy (>100 million operations), contactless high speed switching eliminating contact bounce and resulting electrical noise, precise logic compatible control inputs, acoustically silent operation and high vibration resistance, among many others.

Available in a SPST N.O. configuration, the LifePlus ED series offers output ratings of either 3 or 5 amps rms at 24 to 280 VAC, or 5 amps dc at 1 to 48 or 1 to 80 VDC, all at 40 °C ambient temperature. AC outputs incorporate Crydom's proven Back-to-Back SCR technology while DC outputs utilize high efficiency FETs, both technologies resulting in the lowest possible on-state power dissipation and high surge current ratings which make the "Crydom LifePlus" an excellent choice for applications such as small Motors, Solenoids, Heaters and Lamps. Optically isolated control inputs available include 3 to 15 VDC, 18 to 32 VDC, 48 to 72 VDC, 18 to 36 VAC and 90 to 140 VAC.

Crydom's LifePlus ED series relays are UL 508 recognized for both general purpose and motor control applications and compliant to IEC 62314 LC-A resistive and LC-B inductive application requirements. They are also CE certified to the IEC Low Voltage Directive and compliant to the IEC EMC Directive. The LifePlus ED series relays are available in the industry standard 12 x 29 mm plug-in relay package and fit standard DIN rail and PCB mountable sockets, allowing direct replacement of SPST N.O. EMRs in most applications. Featuring all solid state construction, LifePlus ED series SSRs provide an excellent improvement in performance over traditional EMRs.


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