Crouzet Expands Its Millenium 3 Smart Range to Make Its Users’ Life Easier

Crouzet is expanding its range of Millenium 3 Smart logic controllers offering solutions tailored to the requirements of building professionals, installers, integrators, and OEMs.

Part of Crouzet’s Millenium 3 Smart range is now available in a removable terminal block (RBT) version. A “Compact” version with 12 I/O (CD12) and an “Expandable” version with 26 I/O (XD26) both operating at 24 V DC are now available “ready-to-connect”. They are equipped with removable terminal blocks which simply need to be connected to cage clamp connector kits from the Crouzet accessories range. They are also compatible with industry standard connectors (spring cage connectors, screw clamp connectors and vertical screw connectors).

Thanks to these developments, it is easier to wire an installation, but also quicker and simpler to replace the logic controller (especially for maintenance purposes). With superb features, such as prewired installation and simplified panel mounting, the Millenium 3 Smart logic controller can now be connected directly and mechanically assembled wirelessly (its connectors plug in at the back). Moreover, thanks to its spring cage connectors, the Millenium 3 programmable controller benefits from a better vibration tolerance.

True to its form, Crouzet constantly monitors its customers' needs, and will always consider the feasibility of different versions: with solid state outputs; without a display; with 12 V DC or 24 V AC supply voltage; I/O extensions. UL, c-UL registration is also entirely possible.


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