Configure Safe Isolating Amplifiers Easily in no Time at all

MACX Analog – safe and high-performance signal isolating amplifiers. This product range enables you to safely isolate, adjust, filter and amplify all signals in your system. All steps in the product lifecycle of the devices are developed and produced according to functional safety standards.

Advantages at a glance
  • Precise transmission and high operational reliability, thanks to innovative circuit design with safe electrical isolation
  • User-friendly connection, thanks to plug-in connection terminal blocks with screw technology or spring-cage version with push-in technology
  • Flexible power supply and easy diagnostics, thanks to DIN rail connector
  • Maximum explosion protection for all Ex zones and gas groups with Ex i isolating amplifiers from the MACX Analog Ex range
Configure compatible MACX Analog isolating amplifiers from the PC with ease using the free IFS-CONF FDT/DTM software. The software contains all the necessary device parameters. The integrated monitoring function enables you to monitor current system values.

Familiarize yourself with the IFS-CONF configuration software using various software tutorials installed directly on your PC.


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