Comprehensive HMI Systems and Components for heavy-duty machinery and vehicles

EAO, the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces, offers custom-built HMI systems and a full range of HMI components for modern heavy-duty machinery and vehicles.

Leading in the design and integration of reliable, intuitive and innovative HMI systems, it meets the specific challenges of construction and agricultural equipment, and industrial vehicles.
EAO’s products and expertise are typically used in steering/control, lighting, safety, GPS, emergency, and similar functions in harsh environments where dust, dirt, heat, and water can effect operation.
The HMI Systems supplied by EAO are designed and custom-built for individual applications by a team of in-house experts. Typically they will utilise a mix of technologies which might include a touch screen or display, membrane keypad, discreet pushbuttons and emergency-stop functions built into a rugged housing and connected through an appropriate serial bus (CAN/J1939) to simplify vehicle communications and diagnostics.
EAO offers a comprehensive range of HMI components alongside the systems-building, including these specialised products:
  •     22mm compact, illuminated Emergency-stop with foolproof operation: Series 84
  •     30mm IP67 illuminated pushbutton: Series 14
All EAO products are available in a wide choice of actuators, materials, lenses and mounting styles built to the highest quality and design standards.


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