Compact Vacuum Unit - Series ZB

The ZB Series Compact Vacuum Unit is an All-In-One solution to your vacuum needs.  The unit includes a vacuum ejector, supply valve, release valve, vacuum break flow adjustment needle, suction filter and silencer in a single unit.  The ZB is an energy saving design with reduced air consumption and reaches vacuum pressure set point quicker than previous models.  The ZB can be used as a single unit or mounted to a manifold of up to 12 stations.
  •     Very quick 5ms valve response time
  •     Vacuum response time of 28ms
  •     Energy savings with a 17% reduction in air consumption over previous models
  •     Compact and lightweight with a single unit weight of 46g
  •     Easy maintenance of filter element and silencer
  •     Fine vacuum break adjustment

Applicable Industries:
  •     Automotive/Heavy Vehicle
  •     Food/Beverage
  •     Forestry/Paper Products
  •     Material Handling
  •     Packaging
  •     Petroleum/Chemical
  •     Steel
  •     Textile


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