Community Volunteers Get Their Hands Dirty Helping to Protect the Onondaga Lake Watershed

As a founding partner of the Onondaga Lake Conservation Corps, Honeywell participated in the organization’s stewardship event at the Geddes Brook wetlands in Central New York on Saturday, July 14. Fifty-six volunteers got their hands dirty while becoming environmental stewards, creating habitat along portions of a new green corridor that connects Onondaga Lake to upland sites.

Habitat experts from Honeywell and other partner organizations including Montezuma Audubon Center, Onondaga Audubon Society, and Parsons taught volunteers about wetlands and their importance in supporting the Onondaga Lake watershed as well as its value as an important habitat for the conservation of bird populations. Volunteer activities included planting native shrubs and plants, conducting stream sampling, and educational bird walks.

The volunteer efforts at Geddes Brook will contribute to the transformation of 17 acres of land in the Onondaga Lake watershed into a diverse new habitat for wildlife such as fish, birds, frogs, and turtles. By planting up to 50,000 native species, re-establishing wetlands, and improving habitat, the project will improve the ecosystem and play a significant role in creating a productive, healthy Onondaga Lake watershed.

In June 2009, Honeywell began the dredging and capping of Lake Onondaga as part of a remediation project to help restore the lake as a valuable recreational and ecological resource for the community.


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