Clever Motor Switching and Smart Wiring with CONTACTRON Hybrid Motor Starters

Switch and reverse motors safely and reliably with compact hybrid motor starters.

As with CONTACTRON switching technology the service life of hybrid motor starters is up to ten times longer than that of purely mechanical switchgear.

CONTACTRON 4 in 1 combines all the functions of a conventional reversing contactor circuit in a single device – including safety function. The internal load and locking circuits significantly reduce your wiring costs.

Connecting hybrid motor starters to the SmartWire-DT™ communication system extends the efficient wiring concept, as parallel cabling of the control and signal levels is easier and clearer with SmartWire-DT™.

Thanks to integrated fuses, the hybrid motor starters now also meet coordination type 2 according to IEC/EN 60947-2. This means: protection for personnel and systems - even in the event of short circuit.

The devices can be mounted flexibly on standard DIN rails using assembly adapters or on busbar systems.


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