Cable Clutter Untangled – Batteries Always Charged: Thanks to VARTA’s V-Man Home Station

The VARTA V-Man Home Station is a multi-charger for all sorts of mobile devices. Mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3s and PSPs – this all-rounder charges up to four gadgets at a time. The V-Man Home Station can even be used to recharge AA and AAA batteries.

The problem is familiar to all of us - more and more electronic gadgets, each with their own built-in, custom batteries and chargers for topping up internal power stores. The average household, with all its mobile phones, smartphones and other gadgets, quickly acquires a sizeable collection of chargers that brings with it a confusing spaghetti of wiring. But now it can all be simplified - with the V-Man Home Station. This neat multi-charger comes with all the usual adapters for mobile phones, digital cameras, etc. and they can be arranged as required. Once configured, it can then be placed on a table in the hall, for example. You just come home, plug in your gadgets and the V-Man Home Station recharges them. No anxious searching for your mobile in the morning, no dead batteries while you are out because you forgot to charge your smartphone overnight, and no untidy pile of cabling from all the various chargers.
“These days almost everyone has more than one mobile electronic device. Our V-Man Home Station is a multi-charger that renders almost every other charger superfluous and offers customers a simple, practical way of recharging their mobile devices,“ explains Mark Munz, VARTA Trade Marketing Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

As a special feature, the V-Man Home Station can also charge two AA or two AAA batteries, and also has a USB port for charging another device. The charger will go on sale in September priced at 49.95 euros.


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