Better Module Protection and Material Savings: Thyristor/Diode Module SEMIPACK 1.6 for Drives and UPS

SEMIKRON, one of the leading power semiconductor manufacturers worldwide and market leader in the area of thyristor/diode modules, has reduced the amount of materials used in its 6th-generation SEMIPACK modules and improved module protection thanks to its new packaging concept.

The target applications for the thyristor, thyristor/diode or diode modules are input rectifiers (single-phase, three-phase, non-controlled, semi-controlled or fully-controlled) for frequency inverters or UPS systems, lighting control systems in theatres and temperature control systems in furnaces.

The thyristor-diode module SEMIPACK 1.6 uses less material and includes a fundamental change to the design of the internal module structure. This module now features spring pressure contacts, meaning chips can now be freely positioned on the substrate and additional internal connections are no longer needed, improving reliability substantially. In addition, the heat management in the electronic packaging concept has been optimised, the result being the elimination of materials and solder layers and a clear reduction in thermal resistance Rth. This means that the maximum continuous current of the SEMIPACK 1.6 is greater than in the previous-generation SEMIPACK 1.5. In thyristor modules the mean forward current was increased to 119A@TC=85°C, sin180° (+12%); in diode modules to as much as 134A@TC=85°C, sin 180° (+34%).

SEMIKRON has also introduced its new protective packaging concept SEMiSEAL in the SEMIPACK 1.6. The new packaging protects power modules by vacuum-sealing them between a plastic film and paperboard. The modules are automatically seal-packed once they reach the end of the production line and the final quality check has been done. The modules are thus reliably protected from harmful environmental influences such as contamination and humidity. SEMiSEAL thus helps ensure that modules are transported and stored safely, improving overall product quality.


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