B&K Precision Releases Low-Cost Programmable Switching DC Power Supplies

B&K Precision today introduced its new line of bench switching mode DC power supplies, models 1685B, 1687B, and 1688B. Each model offers a different configuration of variable output voltage and current: 1-60V, 0-5A (1685B); 1-36V, 0-10A (1687B); and 1-18V, 0-20A (1688B). All models provide constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) modes, bright 3-digit LED displays, and rotary encoder control knobs for precise coarse and fine voltage and current settings. Complemented with a compact form factor and low cost, these DC power supplies are practical for use in university labs, R&D, service, and production testing.

Where space is valuable, many electronic systems rely on the flexibility of lightweight and compact power supplies. The reduced-size design of these switching power supplies has significantly increased power density and provides high efficiencies of 80% or more.

Sharing similarities to B&K Precision's high-power 1900 Series switching supplies in both function and form, these new models have a front panel auxiliary output and three user-defined voltage and current presets for quick recall of common test parameters. An analog remote control terminal is accessible on the rear allowing users to connect external variable DC voltage sources or variable resistors to remotely control the output voltage and current, or remotely enable and disable the power supply output.

In addition to the analog remote control function, models 1685B, 1687B, and 1688B provide a USB interface for remote PC connectivity. Users can easily control their instrument via the included PC software or by sending remote programming commands.

All three models offer built-in overvoltage protection (OVP), overtemperature protection (OTP), and overload protection (OLP) circuitry.

Available immediately, B&K Precision's 1685B, 1687B, and 1688B are listed at a price of $339 each.


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