AZ Displays Introduces New TFT Product Line

AZ Displays, Inc., a TFT LCD solution provider, announced today a new line of TFT displays. The 7.0 inch WVGA (800 x 480) TFT display is available in three options for the industrial market segment. “AZ Displays is always looking for ways to help our customers build quality products at a reasonable cost,” said Jim Kennedy, president, AZ Displays. “Our new line of 7.0 inch WVGA TFT displays fit multiple applications, enabling customers to easily upgrade a product from a low power display to one that can be used outdoors without having to change expensive bezels and enclosures. Moreover, we offer long-term product support for up to five years and maintain supply in the U.S. for overnight shipping when necessary.”

The new displays are the first TFT product completely designed, developed and manufactured in AZ Displays’ ISO-9001:2008 manufacturing facility in Xiamen, China. Further differentiating the displays from the competition, they come in three options, each featuring an extended temperature LCD module with LED backlight and 800 x 480 resolution. Additional custom options are available including optical bonding, specialized low reflection cover glass and touch screens. The seven inch TFT displays are part of an entire series currently under development by AZ Displays.

“AZ Displays has leveraged the knowledge gained from manufacturing specialized monochrome graphics and character LCD modules for rugged, industrial applications and applied it to building these key TFT modules,” said Kennedy. “Customers looking for long-term product support, high reliability and a variety of options will find these TFT displays ideal for a wide assortment of applications.”

Available in three brightness options, each with the same mechanical form factor, the new displays are ideal for everything from video phones, GPS systems, medical, military, gas pumps and security industries. The first option, with 250 nit brightness, has been created to be used in low power products such as hand held or battery powered device. The second option, with 500 nit brightness, has been designed for industrial applications like instrumentation or medical. And with 1,000 nit brightness, the third option is ideal for rugged, high ambient light conditions. While the 250 nit and the 500 nit option are available now, the 1,000 nit option will be available in Q3 2011.

Beyond just brightness, the new AZ Displays’ TFTs offer many options for interface, touch screen and an A/D board kit, enabling customers to make AZ Displays their one-stop LCD solution. Each display comes standard with a digital RGB interface with built in T-Con. As the circuitry required to interface is minimal, design and development time for customers is significantly reduced. For those customers requiring a touch screen option, AZ Displays has a four wire resistive touch screen version available as a standard, but custom option like Projective Capacitive are available upon request. Finally, these displays are offered as a bundled kit with a controller board, allowing customers to get the display up and running quickly using VGA (ARGB) or a composite video source.


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