AZ Displays Introduces New Low-Cost TFT Solution

AZ Displays, Inc., a TFT solution provider, has introduced its newest product, the ATM0350D7-T TFT display. The 3.5-inch display has a built in four-wire resistive touch panel with a viewing angle of +40/-60 (U/D) and +60/-60 (L/R).

“The newest addition to our TFT product line is designed for customers who need a low-cost solution for small touch panel applications such as industrial controls or handheld devices,” said Maximilian Moegling, general manager, AZ Displays, Inc. “All ATM0350D7-T TFTs have antiglare surfaces, making them ideal for products that will be used under light reflective conditions.”

The ATM0350D7-T is an a-Si TFT active matrix driver element TFT with a quarter VGA (QVGA) resolution of 320 x RGB x 240 pixels (outline dimensions of 76.9mm (W) x 63.9mm (H) x 4.0mm (D)). Its display mode is normally white transmissive.

Combined with its weight of 38g and low power consumption, the ATM0350D7-T is ideal for battery-powered devices. These TFTs can operate at temperatures of -20 to 60 degrees Celsius and can be stored in temperatures from -30 to 70 degrees Celsius.

Product samples and demos of the ATM0350D7-T are available upon request. Orders are accepted for 2,000 pieces or more for mass production.


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