Avago Technologies Announces the Industry’s Lowest Operating Power Widebody 10 MBd Digital CMOS Optocoupler

Avago Technologies (Nasdaq: AVAGO), a leading supplier of analog interface components for communications and industrial applications, today announced the ACNW261L ultra low power 10 MBd digital CMOS optocoupler. The ACNW261L consumes less power when compared to other 10 MBd optocouplers in the market, and is designed for high voltage insulation requirements.

In renewable energy generation systems, industrial, medical equipment, and electrical equipment used in harsh environments applications, there may be requirements to support internal system communication speed of 10MBd with lower power consumption and high insulation voltage. The ACNW261L is the lowest power consumption 10 MBd optocoupler on the market with reinforced insulation working voltage of 1414 VPEAK. Supply current is under 1.5 mA over the –40 °C to 105 °C temperature range. Both 3.3 V and 5.0 V applications are supported. The input LED current was designed to be a low 4 mA.

The ACNW261L features input-to-output insulation voltage of 5000 VRMS. With reinforced insulation the new optocoupler meets the IEC 607475-5-5 working voltage requirement of 1414 VPEAK, internal clearance of 1 mm, external creepage of 10 mm and external clearance of 9.6 mm. By using an internal Faraday shield the ACNW261L has excellent common mode transient rejection performance of 20 kV/µs minimum, 35 kV/µs typical, at 1000 V common mode voltage.

In addition to exceptional electrical and market leading performance that is guaranteed over the –40 °C to 105 °C temperature range, functional features increase application versatility, system reliability and performance. An enable pin sets the CMOS output stage to a high impedance state for bus interface versatility. Slew rate controlled output ensures stable rise and fall times over temperature and operating conditions, an especially important feature for parallel interface applications. The ACNW261L operates from 3.3 V or 5.0 V power supply voltage.

A 0.5 mm internal clearance single-channel optocoupler, the ACPL-C61L, is also being released at this time. It is in stretched 8-lead small-outline (SSO-8) package, and offers reinforced insulation working voltage 1230 VPEAK, external creepage and clearance of 8 mm. This optocoupler complements the ultra low power 10 MBd digital CMOS optocouplers family.

Applications for the new 10 MBd optocouplers include CANBus, RS232, RS485, I²C, digital Fieldbus, and analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converter interfaces. By meeting medical equipment standard IEC 60601-1 rev 3 requirements, medical equipment suppliers can also use the new ACNW261L digital optocoupler with 1 mm internal clearance.

The ACNW261L single-channel optocoupler is available now in a 400-mil wide 8-lead dual-in-line (DIP-8) package. The ACNW261L is priced from $2.025 each for quantities of 1,000 units. The ACPL-C61L is priced from $1.418 each for quantities of 1,000 units.


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