Avago Technologies Announces High-Density 120 Gbps Parallel Optical Solutions For Cloud Computing and Data Center Applications

Avago Technologies (NASDAQ: AVGO), a leading supplier of analog interface components for wireless, wireline, and industrial applications, today announced the availability of production volumes of 120 Gbps multichannel optical transmitter and receiver modules for “inside-the-box” data-center applications and a CXP pluggable transceiver for board-edge “box-to-box” and ”rack-to-rack” communications.

Driven by the exploding demand for online media and applications in a cloud computing environment, the modules are ideal solutions for communications within data centers, server farms, network switches, telecom switching centers and many other high-performance embedded applications that require high-speed data transfers. System applications include data aggregation, backplane communications, proprietary protocol data transfers, and other high-density/high-bandwidth applications.

“Avago is delivering the industry’s highest optical port density resulting in the best bandwidth per dollar and the lowest power” said Sharon Hall, Product Line Manager at Avago Technologies. “No matter what a customer’s high density optical interconnect specifications are, Avago has a solution and form-factor to meet their needs.”

The stand-alone MiniPODTM transmit and receive modules—the AFBR-81uVxyZ and AFBR-82uVxyZ, respectively, each contain 12 unidirectional channels (lanes) that can each transfer data at 10.3125 Gbits/s using 64b/66b encoding for an aggregate data rate of 120 Gbits/s for each module. The CXP pluggable edge-mount transceiver module (AFBR-83PDZ) is an integrated solution that contains 12 transmit and 12 receive lanes that operate at the same data transfer rates as the MiniPOD modules.

The MiniPOD modules deliver the highest front panel density in the industry with 36 times the density of standard SFP+ solutions. For users needing a pluggable solution, the CXP transceivers are one half the cost per 10Gbps lane compared to standard pluggable SFP+ solutions. Both MiniPOD and CXP solutions operate at 25% the power per 10Gbps lane compared to SFP+ modules. In addition, these optical components have superior jitter performance, high signal integrity, and low EMI emissions.

The MiniPOD optical modules and CXP transceiver can transmit data up to 100 meters using OM3 fiber, and up to 150 meters using OM4-grade fiber. All the optical components are compliant to the 100 Gbit Ethernet specifications: 802.2ba (100GBASE-SR10 and nPPI) as well as the QDR Infiniband standard and employ Avago VCSEL laser arrays operating at 850 nm for the transmitters and the company’s PIN diode array for the receivers.


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