Automotive MOSFETs That Drive Efficiency

The car is changing. Technology advances and innovative automotive electronic systems are driving up overall vehicle efficiency in internal combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles. However it is not just improvements in individual systems and components that are helping reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and costs. Many of the real breakthroughs in vehicle efficiency are being achieved when the car is viewed as a complete, smart set of sub-systems.

When it comes to MOSFETs, NXP advanced silicon technology, package options and proven track record in the field enables designers to create new systems with confidence whilst pushing performance to a new level, giving the edge where it’s needed.
Trench6 – powering automotive developments

Our new automotive grade-technology, Trench 6, brings new levels of performance and manufacturing excellence to an already comprehensive base. With an initial product release in the industry-standard D2PAK the Trench 6 portfolio will be rolled out into all key automotive packages including NXP’s high performance, high reliability LFPAK56 Power-SO8 package. The new technology platform covers all key voltage grades: 30 V, 40 V, 60 V, 80 V & 100V with both standard and logic level gate drive variants available for every product.
100% solderable side pads for 2x2 mm low RDS(on) MOSFETs

Our range of MOSFET package options is joined by yet another package innovation from NXP. The DFN2020MD-6 is our new, ultra small 2x2 mm, leadless SMD package with 100% tin-plated solderable side pads. This makes soldering and inspection much easier, as well as improving mechanical robustness.

To get your hands on free samples of our dedicated automotive MOSFET portfolio, simply go to our Driving Efficiency pages and click on the ‘Request free samples’ button.


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