Automatic Leak Detection System - Series ALDS

The ALDS is a block assembly consisting of a PFM711 flow switch, EVS7 ISO solenoid valve, and an aluminum manifold. This block installs in the main pneumatic supply line of any machine. During production, the valve delivers up to 3000 liters/min of instantaneous flow directly to the machine. When ready to operate a leak test, a PLC program shifts the valve to direct air through the flow switch. The leak test program then cycles each of the machine's actuators sequentially. The PLC reads the flow switch at the end of stroke of each actuator. Readings are compared to a baseline value to determine a flow differential, indicating a leak. The magnitude and location of each leak can be written to a maintenance report for prompt repair.

Product Features
  •     Can run in Category 3/4 safety environments
  •     Leak tests can run often, even daily!
  •     Leaks detectable between 2~100 liters/min
  •     Lower cost, more precise than sonic detector audits
  •     Save energy, maintain optimal performance


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