AMETEK Adds Two New JOFRA® Temperature Calibrators

AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments - the industry leader in advanced dry-block temperature calibrators - offers two new variants designed for applications that require either extreme cooling or high heat - the JOFRA® PTC-125 Cooler and RTC-159 Ultra Cooler calibrators. Both calibrators offer a host of innovative features, design improvements and a wide temperature range that makes them ideal for calibrating sensors used in health care, medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food processing applications.

The JOFRA PTC-125 is the latest addition to the JOFRA Professional Temperature Calibrator (PTC) Series. It offers a wide temperature range (-90oC to +125oC) and features an intuitive easy-to-use interface. The RTC-159 joins the JOFRA RTC (Reference Temperature Calibrator) Series and is AMETEK’s most advanced reference temperature calibrator with the widest available temperature range (-100oC to +155oC).

Both PTC and RTC Series calibrators incorporate a highly efficient, free-piston Stirling cooler and feature improved heating and cooling speeds. The RTC-159 offers the fastest calibration. Its patented cooling technology allows the calibrator to fast cool to -80oC in 65 minutes. The PTC-125 achieves that temperature in 75 minutes.

RTC and PTC Series calibrators have large diameter inserts designed to calibrate large-sized or multiple sensors at once. The compact, rugged calibrators are easy to carry, weighing only 15 kilograms, making them the lightest and most portable cooler and ultra cooler calibrators on the market.

The RTC-159 features AMETEK’s patent-pending Dynamic Load Compensation (DLC) system that provides perfect temperature uniformity in the insert no matter the number or size of the sensors immersed. Both of the calibrators also offer unique intelligent sensors for plug ‘n’ play fail safe connectivity, an easy-to-read full-color 5.7-inch VGA display, and a USB connection for improved communications and software downloads.

Both calibrators have a built-in reference sensor that offers high accuracy. However, users can obtain even better accuracies and realize the calibrator’s full potential by utilizing the STS (Superior Temperature Standard) reference sensor.

The STS-150 for PTC Series calibrators and the STS-200 for RTC Series calibrators contain all individual calibration data regarding the sensor, allowing users to change the reference sensor and be up and running immediately.

The STS-150 and 200 sensors have been angled 90 o and customized so the top of the sensor is only slightly higher than the top of the calibrator. This unique design makes it possible to calibrate threaded sensors and sensors with connection heads.

Both calibrators feature new multi-hole insert kits that cover most commonly known sensor sizes and a highly functional carrying case for improved portability and convenience. The specially designed carrying case makes it possible to store and protect DLC and reference sensors, inserts, support rods, wires, manuals, plugs and insert tools.

The JOFRA dry-block calibrators are part of a comprehensive line of pressure, temperature and signal calibrators and force-measurement test machines marketed by AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments under the CHATILLON®, JOFRA®, LLOYD™, and MANSFIELD & GREEN™ brand names.


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