American Zettler’s AZ9405 Series Relays Provide More Switching Power in a Smaller Package

American Zettler, Inc. has introduced a new line of relays - the AZ9405 series, offering more switching power in the smallest overall packaging in the industry. Moreover, the relay offers the highest UL load ratings and cycle life at 277VAC and elevated temperature at 85C. “The AZ9405 series relays offer our customers the best in class for size and power,” said Dave West, vice president, Sales, American Zettler, Inc. “For our customers, this means they get a quality product at a competitive price with a shorter lead time than other brands can provide.” Specifically, the AZ9405 relay with PCB mount has been rated for the following:
  •     10A @ 125VAC for 100k cycles at 85C
  •     5A @ 277VAC for 100k cycles at 85C
  •     Low 200mw watt coil power
  •     HP ratings
  •     1400VA AC power rating
  •     4,000 VRMS dielectric
  •     Very small package size for the footprint
Built in a state-of-the-art facility, the AZ9405 series relays are available for immediate purchase and samples are provided upon request. Applications for these relays include air conditioner fan controls, small appliance heating controls, interface relays for factory automation and communication equipment and much more. Pricing for the AZ9405 series relays starts in the low 50cts each for 1,000 pieces.


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