American Zettler Introduces Sensitive Subminiature Relays

American Zettler, Inc.’s AZ9371 series subminiature relays combine an extremely small PCB foot print, reduced power consumption and high isolation in a compact 148 sq mm package.

“We have developed the new five and 10 Amp relays in answer to customer demands in the marketplace,” said Dave West, vice president of Sales, American Zettler, Inc. “These small form factor relays are only 7 mm wide but can withstand 4k Vrms and still have less power consumption as compared to the competition.”

Built in American Zettler’s state-of-the-art facility, the new AZ9371 series relays are UL, CUR certified and VDE pending. The 10 Amp relays (AZ9371T) have the highest amperage switching capability available for this relay type in the industry. The relays are available in two PCB footprint types – standard pinning outline dimensions and version “K” pinning outline dimensions.

Pricing for the AZ9371 series relays starts at $0.68 at 1,000 pieces. Applications include refrigerators, hot water units, microwave ovens, fan heaters and air conditioners.


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