Alternating Relays - Triplex

Macromatic ATP Series Triplexors are used in three load applications requiring both the optimization of load usage by equalizing the run time of multiple loads and additional capacity in case of excess load requirements.

As standard, these products operate as a normal Triplexor with three inputs. An optional version with an 8-position rotary switch is offered (see picture at right). This allows the unit to operate as either a:
  •     standard Triplexor
  •     Triplexor locking Load 1, 2 or 3 as the first to be energized (Lead Load)
  •     standard Duplexor until system expansion requires control for a third Load
  •     Duplexor locking Load 1 or 2 as the first to be energized (Lead Load)
All versions offer an indication of a switch failure (out-of-sequence)--LED’s will flash if any switch closes out of sequence. Also, if power is lost & returns with more than just the LEAD Switch closed, there is a fixed 10 second delay between energization of the first output & subsequent outputs to prevent all Loads from coming on at the same time.


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