Alpha Wire Introduces UL and CSA Tray-Rated Flexible VFD Cable

Alpha Wire has added the “V-Flex,” a flexible version of its Series V VFD cable, to its line of Industrial Series cable. The new V-Flex cables are the latest innovation in cables designed specifically for variable-frequency drives (VFD). Featuring both UL and CSA tray cable ratings, a low temperature rating of -40°C, and a bend radius that is 5x that of standard VFD cable, the V-Flex offers the best combination of ruggedness and routability in the market.

The cable’s cross-linked polyethylene insulation offers superior resistance from corona discharge, low capacitance for longer runs, and excellent low temperature properties to -40°C. Its premium TPE jacket can hold up to everything from corroding solvents (UL Oil Res I/II) to intense sunlight. The 5x static bend radius allows V-Flex to be bent to fit in tight corners, greatly improving ease of installation. The round, symmetrical design also reduces the diameter of the cable and increases its flexibility for easier routing and handling.

“We designed the V-Flex to be the most complete VFD cable on the market,” says Kristen Berard, Product Manager at Alpha Wire. “The XLPE core is far superior to PVC and allows for longer cable runs. Moreover, the UL and Canadian tray ratings expand the market for this product, making it ideal for everyone from machine builders in the U.S. to oil refineries in Western Canada.”

The V-Flex cable has a TPE jacket and is available in sizes ranging from 16 AWG to 4 AWG, with a temperature range of -40°C to +90°C. The cables use a double shielding system to provide maximum EMI protection over a wide frequency range. The shielding is a combination of aluminum/polyester/aluminum foil and copper braid with 85% coverage.

Compatible with systems from all major VFD manufacturers, the new Series V-Flex cables are approved to a wide range of standards, including CSA CIC Control and TC and UL TC-ER, 1000 V Motor Supply Cable, and Sunlight Resistance. In addition, this series is suitable for use in NFPA 79 applications.


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