Air & Liquid-Tight Self-Sealing Washers For Metric Thread Sizes

APM HEXSEAL announced the expansion of their SEELOC® self-sealing, high-pressure washer line of available stock sizes, which will include the range of Metric sizes from M3 to M6. According to APM Director of Sales, John Arnold, “Six new popular metric sizes have been added as the foundation to satisfy the increasing international demand for this industrial-grade sealing washer line. We are experiencing a surge of metric size requirements from OEM’s who are building marine, medical, military, instrumentation and a broad range of electrical and enclosure equipment throughout the world”. Arnold added that “within this size range, the washer O.D. is 12.7mm to 25.4mm, and maximum thru-hole sizes are 6.35mm to15.87mm are being offered. Additional sizes are contemplated, based on demand”.

The SEEELOC® washer platform is built with 300 series stainless steel -- a uniquely profiled and ribbed silicone rubber section is molded onto one side (facing down) creating a high-pressure seal to 100psi. SEELOCs are rated to IP66/68 for Type 4X & Type 6 enclosure protection, and are resistant to salt water, acids, weather, sunlight, ozone and a myriad of harsh, hostile conditions. They can easily handle temperatures from-160°F to +500°F.

The APM self-sealing fastener line has been sold for more than 50 years under the following trademarks: SEELBOLT®, SEELSKREW®, SEELNUT®, SEELRIVET® and SEELOC®. APM fasteners are sold by leading electronics and industrial distributors throughout the United States, Canada and worldwide.


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