AGL Series - Chassis Mount Power Transformer

Zettler Magnetics announces the new AGL power transformer series. The AGL Series of transformers is a Low Power Chassis Mount selection of power transformers. They are designed to mount on a box or shelf and provide AC power to any application. The AGL Series ranges in power handling from 3VA to 24VA and provide a robust 1,500 Volts of isolation from primary to secondary. To further enhance the flexibility of the AGL Series the winding configuration allows for the Engineer to easily use the same part for 115V or 230V applications.

The AGL series is deigned to meet UL1585 Class II and Class III for inherently limited applications and built using a UL approved Class B insulation system. With a variety of AC Volts to choose from, many applications can select a standard component. However, custom voltages can be provided, many times at no additional cost. In addition, Zettler Magnetics can provide the AGL series with your choice of connectors or partial wiring (Wiring for 115V or 230V) before delivery to further lower our customer’s costs.


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