ACE Brand Partners with Reality Star and Everyday Athlete Ryan Sutter to Launch the ACE Brand Champion Challenge

What makes you a champion? ACE Brand has teamed up with reality star and weekend warrior, Ryan Sutter, to ask America this very question with the launch of the ACE Brand Champion Challenge. Beginning Wednesday, July 11, 2012 through Monday, September 10, 2012, the ACE Brand is encouraging people nationwide to share stories and photographs on that demonstrate what makes them or someone they know a champion.

The first 10,000 participants of the ACE Brand Champion Challenge will receive a free ACE Elastic Bandage in a limited-edition black or green color that has been produced for this sweepstakes. Additionally, all participants will be entered to win the grand prize of a $2,500 gift card to help fund their next adventure, as well as a series of runner-up prizes.

“At a time when the world will be celebrating the athletic triumphs of the 2012 Summer Olympics, we wanted to bring attention to America’s everyday champions – the weekend warriors who are dedicated to embracing healthy and active lifestyles,” said Paul Conley, brand manager, ACE™ Brand Products, Consumer Health Care Division. “For nearly a century, the ACE Brand has been committed to helping Americans maintain staying active regardless of minor setbacks. Whether your story is about overcoming a physical obstacle or committing to a nightly game of basketball, we consider you a champion and want to hear from you.”

As a lieutenant in the Vail Fire Department and active father of two, Sutter embraces being a “champion” in his daily routine by always staying active so he never has to miss out on an opportunity. He will kick-off the ACE Brand Champion Challenge through a personal video that asks fans to share their champion stories and photos on ACEBrand website, where they will be able to find out additional information about the challenge and share their stories.

“Being a champion has a number of different meanings to me. From taking a hike with my kids to preparing for my next marathon or bike race, I stay active and fit so I can always be ready for a challenge,” said Sutter. “I’m proud to be involved in the ACE Brand Champion Challenge and look forward to hearing the stories of other weekend warriors as well as those who share a similar philosophy. Everyone can be a champion – whether you enjoy a pick-up game of basketball with friends or power walk on the weekend. I encourage people to participate, to not only celebrate their achievements, but for a chance to win some great prizes.”


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