A World of Colour – Aluminium Switches from EAO

EAO, the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces, presents a colourful range of hardwearing aluminium switches for industrial use.

With a wide choice of standard colours including gold, silver, blue, red and green, plus options for convex lenses or illuminated spot, EAO now offers the world’s largest variety of aluminium-fronted switches.
Aluminium lenses and front bezels are available for all pushbuttons and indicators in the Series 04, 14, 56, 61, 71 and 84 switch ranges. Not only providing extra protection for switches, they improve the look and feel of any human machine interface.

By standardising the colour and finish, customers can more effectively align colour to switch function to create easier to use, more intuitive controls panels. They can also mix-and-match switch types from different ranges according to their exact needs.

EAO can laser engrave lenses with any type of symbol or legend specified by the customer. The highly resistant finish adds an extra level of intuitiveness to any control panel, whether it’s a new design or a refurbishment project. Switches can be sealed up to IP67 (depending on series), which makes them suitable for a wide range of interior and exterior applications within aggressive factory environments, exposed lifting and moving machinery, public transportation vehicles, and platform equipment.


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