A New Dimension in Miniaturization

The success of smartphones with more and more functions and features is growing around the globe, and the miniaturization of electronic components remains one of the leading trends in mobile communications. With innovative die-sized SAW packaging technology DSSP® from EPCOS, TDK is a driving force in this field.

By 2014 it is expected that up to 40 percent of all mobile phones will be smartphones. In order to offer worldwide coverage, smartphones must support more RF bands than ever and feature growing numbers of functionalities. Despite the fact that their RF circuits are becoming more complex, the phones must remain as compact and flat as ever.

As the global market leader in SAW products for mobile communications, EPCOS has and continues to play a leading role in the miniaturization of RF components and modules. Through the introduction and further development of its patented CSSP® technology (chip-sized SAW packaging), the size of discrete RF filters and duplexers has been steadily reduced. Now with DSSP®, the components are up to 85 percent smaller than the first generation CSSP products.


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