120 Part Numbers for Even More Functions

Crouzet, which specialises in electromechanical, electronic and software engineering technology, is launching a thoroughly revised range of 120 counters and tachometers. This range has been devised not only to meet the needs of industrial sectors but also to satisfy the requirements of the building sector. The offer draws on numerous innovations. Objective: To facilitate the processes of selecting, installing, using and maintaining counting functions.
Drawing on the expertise it has accumulated over a period of more than 20 years in the field of counters and tachometers, Crouzet has now revised its entire offer for the very first time. As of December 2010, the new range is to include 120 different products (compared with the 60 that were available previously). These are the key aspects that have been revised:
  •     Major advances in terms of design and ergonomics
  •     More functions based on combinations of inputs
  •     Easier to take readings thanks to the two-colour or backlit double LCD display
  •     54 new part numbers for dual-function products
  •     Counting frequency of up to 50 kHz
  •     Option to select output functions (impulse, flip-flop, etc.)
  •     Easier installation thanks to removable connectors
  •     Extended power supply range for electronic products: Extended from 10 to 260 V for AC and DC versions
  •     Complete power supply ranges for electromechanical products
  •     Wide variety of dimensions: From 15x32 to 48x48
  •     A dedicated range for DIN rail mounting
Crouzet is expanding its range of counters and tachometers in order to meet the requirements of all industrial applications, whether straightforward or complex. Moreover, this offer aims to fulfil the needs of the building sector, particularly by providing energy metering functions.


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