Variable Aperture for Partial Sun Illumination on Sol3A Solar Simulators

The 940X3A-P is a variable aperture accessory for any model Sol3A solar simulator. The Variable aperture accessory provides user the ability to vary the illumination on Sol3A simulators without adjusting the power supply. The range of attenuation is infinitely variable from 0.1 - 1Sun. Uniformity at partial illumination maintains a minimum Class B uniformity per the IEC, JIS, and ASTM standards. The spectral performance and temporal stability maintain Class A performance at any attenuation. The working distance is unaffected by use of the device. The 940X3A-P is easily field upgradeable on existing Sol3A Simulators. A calibrated reference cell should be used to confirm set point.

Model: 940X3A-P
Simulator Type: Class AAA Solar Simulator
Beam Size: Based on Simulator in.
Typical Power Output: 25 - 100mW/cm2 (0.25 - 1 Sun) infinite Adjustability
Uniformity Classification: Class B or better depending on set point
Type: CW
Power Requirements: n/a
Range: 0.25 - 1.0 Suns
Beam Uniformity: <5 %


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