EC 40 Ø40 x 80 mm = 170 W. A Formula for High Power Density.

Every single maxon motor clearly proves how high performance can be packed in a miniature space without efficiency and reliability falling by the wayside; for many years, every day, millionfold. How to fit 170 Watts of power in a Ø40 x 80 mm, palm-sized housing is being demonstrated by the new brushless direct current motor EC 40.

The new EC 40 is characterized in particular by two things; high quality materials and superb technical data. In respect to materials, the motor features a neodymium permanent magnet, stainless steel housing and welded flanges. Even a glance at the technical data implies big things: very flat speed/torque gradient (about 3.7 rpm/mNm), mechanical time constant 2.1 ms, permissible speed 18'000 rpm, and efficiency 89%. The ironless winding offers extra quiet running and high stall torque.

As all maxon motors, the EC 40 can be combined with a multitude of components, such as encoders or gears. As a new member, the permanent magnet brake AB 32 joins the maxon modular system. It is designed for operating temperatures of -40 to +100°C and is the EC 40's perfect match. A wide range of compatible controllers, from 1-quadrant and 4-quadrant servo amplifiers to programmable positioning controllers, make the EC 40 a multi-talented high-power unit.

With its extraordinary key data, the new EC 40 is an excellent choice when it comes to industrial applications, logistics equipment, mobile robotics, packaging machinery and power tools or aerospace.


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