High-Capacity HS Slewing Ring Bearings Featured in Data Sheet

HS Series bearings are efficiently designed, providing four-point contact in deep groove gothic arch raceways. With about twice the load capacity of Kaydon RK Series bearings (up to 139,900 ft-lbs) in the same envelope, they are ideal for medium-duty to heavy-duty applications such as cranes, aerial lifts, digger derricks, chute swivels, lift truck rotators, and industrial turntables.

A rectangular cross-section gives the HS Series even greater stiffness than the lighter RK Series, which reduces distortion and allows lower internal diametral clearance. Kaydon HS bearings are available with internal gearing, external gearing or no gearing. Standard features include two fittings for lubrication and integral seals to protect against contamination.

The new HS Series data sheet is available for download or by request from the Kaydon sales department, 231.755.3741 or 800.514.3066.

Kaydon Corporation Bearings Division is a leading global manufacturer of standard and custom thin-section bearings, high-level bearing assemblies, and slewing ring bearings for a wide range of manufacturing and process applications. The division is also a major supplier of re-manufactured and new replacement bearings.


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