VEGA Makes Room for Growth

The level and pressure instrument manufacturer expands its headquarters in Schiltach with a new building enclosing 10,400 square meters of floor space.

VEGA is writing yet another chapter in its ongoing success story. Within the last ten years the company has more than doubled its sales volume and created 100 new jobs. VEGA now employs 1,000 people worldwide and generates an annual turnover of 226 million Euros. The production and office space at the headquarters in Schiltach has reached the limit of its capacity. That’s why VEGA has invested approx. 15 million Euros since 2009 in a five-story extension, which is now finished. At present, several departments are moving into the new building, which offers plenty of space for further growth.  The new building has increased the productive space of the company by about a third, to a total of 38,000 square meters.

One department that has grown especially fast within the last few years, urgently requiring more space, is CERTEC® pressure measuring cell production. The ceramic-capacitive measuring cell, is a proprietary development of VEGA, that has been expanding into new areas of application consistently year after year.
The facilities required for the manufacture of the high-tech measuring cells, are clean rooms of class 100 and 1000.  They will occupy a space of 1,100 square meters, almost quadruple their original area. Previously, approx. 75,000 pressure measuring cells were being manufactured every year, the new clean room production lines are designed for an annual production capacity of 350,000 measuring cells. The CERTEC® pressure measuring cells department is now on the fourth floor of the new building. Through immense glass walls visitors can watch what’s going on in the futuristic-looking clean rooms with their new, ultra-modern production facilities. The magnitude of the future CERTEC® manufacture alone is a clear indication of the need for this major expansion.

One floor below, final assembly of VEGA pressure gauges is already in full swing. In November 2010 the department moved into the spacious, well-lit areas, which provide scope for efficient production with state-of-the-art technology. By May 2011, vibrating level switch fabrication and the shipping department will also have moved into the new building. The vacated rooms will then be modernized and made available to other departments that also need space to expand.

VEGA develops and produces level, switching and pressure instrumentation at its Schiltach location and stands for quality "Made in Germany". By building the new facility, the family-owned enterprise has made a clear commitment to the Schiltach area and the Black Forest.


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