The Ashcroft® PLUS! Performance Option

PLUS!™ Performance is available on eight different Ashcroft® pressure gauges, in a broad choice of service-types, sizes and configurations.

When your pressure gauge's pointer is in constant motion, it's hard to take a meaningful reading. Common in many installations, pointer flutter is usually caused by pulsation from pumps and compressors or from the natural vibration of the equipment that it's attached to.

So how do you fix the problem? Simply select Ashcroft® pressure gauges with the patented PLUS!™ Performance option. A lowerpriced alternative to liquid-filled gauges, the PLUS!™ Performance option brings new technology to mechanical pressure instrumentation.

Longer-lasting and rock steady, PLUS!™ pressure gauges use an innovative pointer stabilization appliance within the movement to provide the dampening benefits of liquid-filled gauges in a dry configuration. Limiting pointer flutter also inhibits movement wear. With PLUS!™ Performance, you can expect your gauge to yield a significantly longer life.


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