EC 45 flat, 70 Watt Power Pack with 130 mNm Nominal Torque and 45 mm Diameter.

The successful series of brushless EC 45 flat motors gets an addition to the family.

A completely newly designed 70 Watts version joins the family, pushing the already remarkably high power limit, once again. The new EC 45 flat 70 W displays a very flat speed/torque gradient and unifies novel features with proven characteristics: flange pattern, fixation and socket are identical to the existing EC 45 flat 50 Watt version. And nonetheless, the new 70 Watt motor delivers 38% more torque.

The EC 45 flat 70 W possesses outstanding key data. Among others, it delivers a max. continuous torque of 130 mNm at an efficiency of up to 85%, thus making it the excellent choice for the use in self-contained drive systems as well as in industrial automation applications.
The new EC 45 flat 70 W is available with Hall sensors and comes in four windings (24, 30, 36, 48 V). It can be combined with more than 54 different planetary and spur gearheads of series GP 42 C and GS 45 A. For control purposes, there is a wide variety of servo controllers (DEC, DECS, DECV and DES) and positioning controllers (EPOS2 and EPOS2 P) to choose from.

maxon flat motor. The flat design of the brushless DC flat motors makes them the ideal drive for many applications. Designed as internal or external rotor motors, they are often the ideal solution when space is limited. The well thought-out and simple design means that production is largely automated, helping keep down the price.


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