VEGA Controls at Offshore Europe

VEGA stand  4D101 will be featuring a range of level, pressure and density and flow measurement and control solutions for the Offshore Oil and Gas industry. Units displayed have uses ranging from Caisson level,  sea  level monitoring, drilling mud flow detection to silo levels and  separator multi-interface profiling. One of the highlights will be the new PROTRAC Nucleonic gauging system, featuring the most advanced detectors in the market. Designed for applications such as mud density, interface profiling and detection, as well as other general density, vessel level measurement and point level switching.

The  VEGAFLEX guided radar will be on display for both in-vessel level measurement, the VEGAPASS for bridle installation as a displacer replacer, as well as its alternative format; VEGAMAG. This is where the guided radar combines its technology with a Magnetic Level Gauge in a shared assembly, to offer increased  security and safety,  through diversity of technology.

VEGA through-air radar, VEGAPULS will  be on the stand, demonstrating its capability for through air measurement on both liquids and solids. These non contact devices, come into their own offering freedom of build up issues, density changes and installation complexity,  along with flexibility and responsiveness for level measurement applications such as mud ‘trip’ tanks, shale shaker screens, drilling powder silos, even for sea-level and wave height measurement on rigs.

Also on the stand will be samples and displays of the rest of the comprehensive VEGA level and pressure range, displaying a proven capability of modular products, with SPEED delivery and expertise for Offshore level solutions, backed with a 3 year Warranty.


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