Federal-Mogul Develops Brake Pads for New Mercedes Actros

After extensive development with Daimler, Federal-Mogul brake pads have been homologated for use on the new Mercedes-Benz Actros heavy duty truck. The Ferodo Research and Development team has produced two Ferodo friction materials for the different requirements of the vehicle’s front and rear axles that provide outstanding high-temperature performance, durability and driver comfort.

“Federal-Mogul’s R&D Center at Bad Camberg works closely with OEMs to develop brake material solutions that exceed the most exacting demands of OE customers,” said Silvano Veglia Product Marketing Director, Braking products. “Developing two different materials has allowed us to achieve the optimum balance of performance and durability for the new Actros.”

For Actros front axles equipped with the new Knorr-Bremse SN7-30 caliper and for rear axels equipped with the new Knorr-Bremse SN7-25 calipers, Federal-Mogul developed new formulations featuring excellent thermal distribution to improve driver comfort, by preventing judder. These new formulations also provide great braking performance at high temperatures.

Both front and rear pads are outperforming the OE standards in terms of disc cracking resulting into longer disc life then OE requirements.

The pads include a number of other features that improve performance and reduce noise levels. The optimised grooves engineered into the pads along with added radial chamfers result in better pressure distribution on the pad and reduced brake squeal, improving overall pad performance and service life.


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