Quantum® Series Showcased in Canada Trade Show

Vortex® Valves North America will display the Quantum® Series Orifice Gate™ and the Quantum® Series 2-Way Wye Line Diverter™ at Plast-Ex, Booth 2071, June 21-23, at the Toronto Congress Centre in Toronto, Ontario. The patented Quantum Series Orifice Gate is designed specifically to handle dry bulk solids in gravity flow, dilute phase, pressure or vacuum conveying up to 15 psig (1 bar), depending on size and modifications. Sizes for the Vortex Quantum Series Orifice Gate range from 2" to 14" (50mm to 350mm).

The Quantum® Series Orifice Gate's™ blade and seal design allows the valve to self-clean on the opening stroke, which prevents material from packing on the valve’s internal seals.

The patented Quantum Series 2-Way Wye Line Diverter is available in 2" to 12" (50mm to 300mm) pipe or tube. The diverter valve is specifically engineered to handle dry bulk solids in pneumatic conveying systems with vacuum or positive pressures up to 15 psig (1 barg), and can direct dry bulk material from one source to two destinations, or converge from two sources to one destination.

Other Vortex Valves products that will be displayed at the Powder Show will be the Vortex® Seal Tite™ Gravity Diverter and the Vortex® Roller Gate. Vortex utilizes precision laser cutting and bending technology to manufacture all of these leading-edge valves.


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