MECO AH-Series Seals for ATEX Applications

MECO AH seals are available for certain European explosive atmosphere applications, where EN 94/9/EC compliance is required. Use of packing glands in explosive environments is severely restricted, and many European processors are seeking ATEX-conforming replacements.

MECO's AH-series seals can be furnished for a variety of ATEX applications in Equipment Group II, in Categories 2 and 3.

The seal pictured at left, classified for Zone 22 operation, incorporates triboelectric protection and a water-cooling gallery which is isolated from the dry process. Ports for thermal monitoring are included. The same seal can be certified for Zone 1/21 operation with the addition of gas purge protection accessories.

At MECO, we take the ATEX seriously. In accordance with EN 13463-1, as referenced in 94/9/EC, each MECO seal declared for ATEX service is individually run-tested to establish maximum surface temperatures under normal running conditions.

Some seal manufacturers claim ATEX compliance, while in fine print they require water purging or limit dry-running compliance to an unpractically narrow range of operating parameters.

MECO designers, in keeping with their tradition of custom-engineering each seal, examine every ATEX application individually and arrive at means of protection which meet both with the ATEX Directive and with the processor's expectations and requirements.

MECO Ex-PAC seals can also be furnished for ATEX-compliant service.


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