New Range of Mems Rate Sensors Deliver Better Than 1º/hour in Run Drift

ETLG Inertial is introducing a new high performance range of digital quartz MEMS, single axis rate sensors designed for demanding military and commercial applications. Designated the SDD3000 the three models in this range are manufactured by US based Systron Donner Inertial (SDI). The three models have bias of 1, 3 and 10º/hour with calibration every 20 years.

The sensor is based on SDI's proven quartz MEMS sensing element combined with advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology delivering excellent performance noise, bias stability, scale factor, linearity and vibration rectification. Able to deliver an unprecedented 0.01º/√hour angle random walk and class leading stability with respect to MEMS gyros these innovative products are ideal for stabilisation, precision pointing applications, instrumentation, motion sensing and GPS/AHRS integration.

The SDD3000 outputs angular rate and BIT data continuously, and comes with two standard connection protocols RS-232 or RS-422 and data rates of 600 HZ or 100 HZ. This versatile product can be easily integrated into any system.

Featuring a temperature range of -55 / 85º C, and have an input voltage of 11/16 VDC. Ideal for where space and weight are at a premium the models measure 78 x 83 x 25 mm and weigh less than 227 grams.


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