New Economical 5/50MHz Signal Generators From Saelig

Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced two new, budget-priced, dual-channel Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generators, SDG1005 and SDG1050, which feature DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) technology,  providing stable, high-precision, low distortion signals.  In addition to sinewaves, they also provide square waves with fast rising and falling edges, pulse and ramp waveforms, white noise, and arbitrary waveforms.

The SDG Series has a clear, simple front panel, with a user-friendly layout and built-in help menu to simplify operation and adjustment. Also featured is built-in AM, FM, PM, PWM, and FSK modulation, without requiring an external modulating source, and both units can also function as a 200MHz Frequency Counter.  USB Device/Host I/O allows for storage of waveforms and setups.  SDG Series signal generators have two independent output channels with adjustable relative phase.

With 125MSa/s sample rate and 14-bit resolution and 16Kpts waveform record length, the SDG Series of signal generators create extremely precise waveforms.  Modulation, Sweep and Burst output modes are also provided.  An extremely useful feature of the SDG series is that they can also interconnect with matching SDS1000 digital oscilloscopes for remote controlled testing and for directly reading and reconstructing stored scope waveforms.


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