Saelig Debuts Packet-Master USB-PET Protocol and Electrical Tester

Saelig Company, Inc. announces the Packet-Master USB-PET - a unique USB protocol and electrical tester capable of performing the suite of tests defined in the USB Implementers Forum, Inc.’s 'Battery Charging, USB On-The-Go and Embedded Host Automated Compliance Plan' ( Packet-Master USB-PET is connected to a host PC using a High-Speed USB connection, and controlled using the GraphicUSB application software, which can generate test reports and perform analyzer-style captures.USB-PET’s front panel features a micro-AB receptacle and a D-type connector for connection to a Unit-Under-Test. The rear-panel allows the connection of a meter or an oscilloscope for monitoring, for example, VBUS voltage.

The comprehensive series of tests that Packetmaster USB-PET can perform includes:
  • OTG Compliance Testing:  USB-PET provides automated compliance testing of both the data protocol and the electrical and timing requirements of the 'On-The-Go and Embedded Host Supplement to the USB Revision 2.0 Specification'. All aspects of On-The-Go and Embedded Hosts are tested, including VBUS voltage and current performance, and SRP, HNP and ADP protocols.
  • Battery Charging Compliance Testing: USB-PET can carry out the compliance testing required by the USB Charging Port Compliance Plan, including tests on Charging Ports, Portable Devices, and Accessory Charger Adapters.
  • Analyzer Functionality: USB-PET can capture an analysis of bus activity during the compliance test, in the same format as other MQP analyzers. This allows rapid investigation of protocol-based test failures.
  • Control of Testing: Tests are usually carried out as a suite for a particular type of Unit-Under-Test (UUT) but individual tests can also be selected to investigate a particular failure. Users can even write their own test scripts to modify parameters for more in-depth or special investigations.
  • High Speed Electrical Test Modes: Single click operations allow the initiation of any of the High Speed Electrical Test modes defined in the supplement and the core USB specification.


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